Monitoring Software


Auto Forward Spy

Auto Forward Spy is an easy to use and powerful cell phone spy software for parents and employers.  

  • Extracts data from a cell phone and displays it on your own cell phone, tablet, or computer.  
  • Auto Forward Spy establishes a remote connection with a monitored device and extracts all available information for that device.
  • Texts, calls, GPS location, social media messages and postings, emails, and so much more can be viewed exactly as it appeared…even if that information has been deleted!

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a top-rated cell phone tracking and monitoring software for parental and employee monitoring.

  • Most preferred cell phone monitoring software due to its stunning features and complete tracking capabilities.
  • This software caters to every type of user, even those with no technical knowledge.
  • Safely monitor your children and employees with our top cell phone monitoring solution.
Surepoint Spy

SurePoint Spy

Surepoint Spy is a trusted mobile monitoring for your teen, your business or your entire family.

  • SurePoint Spy is a mobile app that gives you immediate, real-time information from any mobile device that you’d like to have monitored.
  • Once the app is installed, the specified mobile device becomes an open book, allowing you to instantly monitor a wealth of activity.

Easy Spy

Easy Spy is a safe and effective mobile monitoring for parents and employers.

  • Easy Spy’s live control panel lets you access all the details dynamically.
  • Allows you to control advanced settings for display options, logs, time triggers and more.
  • Access your control panel to instantly view all the information retrieved from the targeted device in real-time.
  • Effective and organized categories give you comprehensive details on the monitored activity.